Skills Training

We train teams and leaders to maximize their skillset and management within the company, using interactive and dynamic methologies.

Spokesperson Training

Our methodology manages to train corporate spokespersons through interactive exercises and simulations of situations close to reality.

We strengthen internal and external leadership and public speaking skills, helping them to perfect their ability to communicate and position corporate messages.

Crisis Training

To protect and strengthen your company’s reputation, we develop an train rapid response teams in the following:

  • Identifying potential risks through monitoring.
  • Detect possible escalation.
  • Strategic planning and analysis of objectives, resources and possible scenarios.
  • Design and development of the narrative for each stakeholder group.
  • Strategy and action plan according to audience, stage and scenario.
  • Definition of talking points and key messages.
  • Skills training for speakers during contingency and crisis o Support in process management.
  • Media management.